Queen's Global Energy Conference

Shaping the Energy of the Tomorrow

A message from our Founders

Shaping the Energy of Tomorrow

This year’s conference theme “Shaping the Energy of Tomorrow” focuses on globally emerging energy trends and markets while simultaneously providing insight on the interplay of different energy sectors. Discussion topics include: The feasibility of alternative energy sources in today’s economy, promising technologies impacting energy-related issues and the problems associated with government led and free market approaches to alternative energy sources.

About Us

The Queen’s Global Energy Conference is held on Feburary 26-28, 2016 at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.

In our inaugural year, QGEC plans on recruiting 80 of the best and brightest individuals, and providing them with the opportunity to gain unique insight into the diverse energy sectors. What sets QGEC apart from other conferences is our focus on energy integration, and how this will impact the future of the energy industry. It is our goal to work with partners to engage delegates and create a forum in which they can collaborate to shape the future of the energy industry.

Our 2016 Schdedule can be viewed here!

Fundamental Pillars


Educate our delegates on globally emerging energy trends in the diverse energy sectors.


Facilitate the engagement of delegates with industry leaders to create a forum in which partners, speakers, and delegates can comfortably interact.


Motivate our delegates to become leaders in the future of global energy.

Meet the Co-Chairs and Exec Team


Why come to QGEC?

Energy is one of the largest sectors in today’s market having direct impacts on global economies. The Queen’s Global Energy Conference aims to provide students with the unique opportunity to learn about globally emerging trends and markets in today’s diverse energy sectors. In our inaugural year, QGEC will be hosting professionals from across the industry to discuss the future of global energy.

The motivation behind QGEC was to eliminate the niche and provide a floor where all sectors of the energy industry are equally represented. As a result, our delegates will be able to understand the interplay of all sectors of the energy industry and its connection with the future of energy as a whole.

Delegates Application

Meet our Speakers

QGEC primarily aims to educate delegates on trends and technologies in a variety of energy sectors, while providing insight into how they affect the energy industry as a whole. Our conference facilitates this through our speakers. These leaders at the forefront of their respective fields have the potential to inspire future leaders by engaging them in talks while providing a better understanding of what the future of energy entails. For more information about speaking opportunities, please contact our speaker’s team.

Tim Smitheman


Brian Livingston

Former Energy Executive at Imperial Oil

Anthony Santilli

Vice President in Sales and Marketing at Bullfrog Power

Rob Andrews

Founder and CEO of Heliolytics

Lisa Asbreuk

Cunningham Swan Law Group

Tom Murad

Head of Siemens Engineering and Technology Academy

Chad Joshi

President and Ceo of Altranex

Tyson Champagne

Executive Director of SWITCH

Stephen Sottile

Manager of Customer Service & Conservation for Utilities Kingston

Matt Benson

Cunningham Swan Law Group

Rick Rooney

Quantum Renewable Energy

Warren Mabee

Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation

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