Queen's Global Energy Conference

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Our Mission

QGEC aims to educate delegates on trends and technologies in a variety of energy sectors, while providing insight into how they affect the energy industry as a whole.

Our goal is to provide delegates with a unique world view of the energy industry by connecting them with experts, thought leaders and innovators from across different energy sectors. The conference provides industry professionals with the opportunity to inspire a new generation of talent, and guide them through this state of change.

Natalie Wroblewski


Chemical Engineering

Graham Girard


Electrical Engineering

Olivia Heintzman

Delegates Coordinator

Environmental Science

Troy Su

Director of Logistics and Finance

Engineering Physics

Khalil Daibes

Finance & Logistics Coordinator


Farhaj Khan

Director of Marketting


Gabrielle Samek

Marketing Coordinator

Mining Engineering

Alex Beaumont Stidwill

Web & IT Coordinator

Computer Engineering

Hanna Medwid

Speakers Director

Mechanical Engineering and Global Development Studies

Carly Portch

Speakers Coordinator

Civil Engineering

Millar Coveney

Speakers Coordinator

Civil Engineering

Simon Kersten

Speakers Coordinator

Applied Mathematics & Engineering

Tahmid Tajwar

Director of Sponsorship

Electrical Engineering

Andrew Silla

Sponsorship Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering

Javier Sanchez Mejorada

Sponsorship Coordinator

Electrical Engineering

Allison Finer

Sponsorship Coordinator

Geological Engineering

Alp Turkmen

First Year Representative

General Engineering