An Introduction to Fusion Energy

Figure 1: A photo of the construction of ITER from May 2022 [4] Fusion energy has been powering the earth for billions of years. Without the massive ball of plasma in our solar system, the earth would have never had the heat necessary to sustain life on our planet. If the sun is producing soContinue reading “An Introduction to Fusion Energy”

6 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Climate Change

Climate change is a severe problem worldwide, and it needs a plan of action if anything is going to improve. That’s why it’s more important than ever to educate yourself on the issue and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Below are six questions and answers to help you better understand this complex issue.Continue reading “6 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Climate Change”

District Energy Systems

District energy systems provide an efficient and resilient method to meet society’s growing energy demands through providing a centralized thermal energy source. This uses a network of pipes to provide energy to connected buildings. It increases increase efficiency when compared to the traditional concept of individual buildings having onsite heating and cooling production. The centralized energy source also uses common sources of waste heat to offset the energy load on these systems.  Current Energy Uses Continue reading “District Energy Systems”

The Role of Graphene in Future Energy Storage Methods

  Batteries are the bedrock of energy storage. They enable us to use wireless technology, which contributed to the widespread use of electronic devices in the 21st century. Battery technology reached a key milestone in 1985 when the first commercially-viable, lithium-ion battery was produced, setting the foundation for the next 30 years of personal electronics.  Continue reading “The Role of Graphene in Future Energy Storage Methods”

Barriers to Renewable Energy Becoming the Primary Energy Source in Canada

The energy market is evolving. It is evident that Canada and other markets are moving towards more renewable forms of energy. Some wonder why the transition does not occur faster. One common opinion is that oil and gas is too profitable and is suppressing the ability for renewables to advance. While this is true, thereContinue reading “Barriers to Renewable Energy Becoming the Primary Energy Source in Canada”

Solar Energy is on the Rise

Solar energy is a source of clean, inexpensive, and sustainable energy, yet there is not widespread use. Each photon of sunlight that the Sun discharges can be captured and converted to useful energy. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth. Precisely, the Sun provides 10,000 times more ceaseless energy then the totalContinue reading “Solar Energy is on the Rise”

4 Energy & Environment Reading Essentials

It is the summer of 2020, and the dominant political, economic, and societal dialogue is hijacked by COVID-19. Human lives have been changed, largely for the worse, but I find myself seeking the silver linings. With summer finally around the corner and ample free time available to many, I see an opportunity to use thisContinue reading “4 Energy & Environment Reading Essentials”