Smart Grids

What is a Smart Grid? A Smart Grid is a just a name for an electrical grid which utilizes several different technologies that allow the grid to operate more dynamically. This means that the grid can detect changes in demand or supply and then quickly respond to ensure that the electrical grid remains stable. Fundamentally,Continue reading “Smart Grids”

Blockchains and the Energy Sector

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchains allow digital information to be distributed but not copied. A blockchain is a series of timestamped records of data. The blockchain structure is formed by multiple blocks, with each block containing a group of encoded “transactions” (individual operations). Cryptographic hash functions are used to securely connect each block to theContinue reading “Blockchains and the Energy Sector”

Where is there Geothermal Energy in Canada?

Renewable energy is all the talk nowadays as governments and experts around the world begin to see it as the future of the energy industry. In Canada specifically 17.3% of our electricity is generated by renewables, with most of the generation coming from hydro stations, biomass factories, and wind farms. Solar is less prominent inContinue reading “Where is there Geothermal Energy in Canada?”