Local Vibes

QGEC has worked in collaboration with the Sustainability Office at Queen’s University to run an event for Queen’s Sustainability Week called Local Vibes. Our event focuses on creating a waste free event at Clark Hall Pub with amazing food and great music provided from local food outlets and musicians! 2019 This year at Clark HallContinue reading “Local Vibes”

Fall Taster

2019 Our fall taster occurred this past November in the Goodes Hall Commons where we welcomed Andrew Wilcox from Filament Energy to come speak! 2018 Come out to hear Ted Hsu speak on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 in the ILC (Beanish-Munro Center) Atrium for a little taste of what QGEC has to offer! Attendance toContinue reading “Fall Taster”

2019 Conference

The 2019 conference took place on January 18 – 20th in Kingston, Ontario with theme “Sailing Through Changing Tides”. This theme focused on discussing how the energy sector is adapting to changes in the energy industry such as technological changes or the movement towards sustainable resources.