QGEC 2022

Queen’s Global Energy Conference (QGEC) is a sophisticated undergraduate student conference. QGEC was conceived to provide an unbiased platform where all facets of the energy sector can share their voice. Our conference fosters discussions about the past, current, and future of the energy sector. We are an entirely student-run conference that happens annually in late January. We also host an additional ‘taster’ event in the fall. The Taster is an evening event with one or two speakers for attendees to understand what our January  conference entails. At both events, delegates gain insight into careers in energy through the opportunity to connect with current energy leaders and stakeholders.                                                   


For QGEC 2022, our theme is Success Through Synergy. Combined with Canadian investment in education and science, Canada’s geographic variance uniquely places students in an energy industry with many niches and career outlooks. Synergy is critical because of Canada’s diverse landscape and vast energy demand. Our conference will host a mix of speakers from traditional, renewable, and new-age sources that make up the global energy mix. QGEC places emphasis on featuring Canadian companies and their contributions to global energy. We want our delegates to develop a vision of success in the energy sector through valuable insights of current energy professionals inspiring the next generation of Canadian energy.

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