Embracing a New Age of Innovation

Friday to Sunday
February 10th ~ 12th
Downtown Kingston, Ontario

This year’s conference theme, “Embracing a New Age of Innovation” focuses on providing a holistic view of the innovation and change going on in the industry today and tomorrow.

The current energy environment is in a period of radical change. The energy sector must take a pragmatic approach to innovate within traditional sectors while expanding the reach of renewable energy. With countries seeking energy independence, new technologies are being developed to disrupt and shape the future of the energy industry. A New Age of Energy Innovation is being ushered in to explore new methods in traditional energy landscapes and emerging alternative resources, while balancing economic prosperity with environmental sustainability. There is a need now, more than ever, to attract bright young minds to be at the forefront of this disruption.


Why participate?

QGEC provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about globally emerging markets and trends in today's diverse energy sectors, in a conference which provides a floor where all sectors of the energy industry are represented.

The scheduled activities include sessions to hear from industry leaders about their energy sectors, various social events and meals at Kingston's most cherished venues, and a case competition. Intimate learning and networking opportunities are aplenty.

This Year's Schedule:

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These leaders at the forefront of their respective fields inspired future leaders by speaking to provide a better understanding of what the future of energy entails.


QGEC could not be as successful without our wonderful partners.

University of Toronto
Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA)

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with the University of Toronto’s Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA)! They will be sending students to our conference, and in return, we will be sending some of our students to the U of T Sustainability Conference.

SEA's annual Sustainability Conference is taking place on January 28th. This year's theme is “From Policy to Practice”. We will be showcasing how various sustainable projects, ventures and policies are currently being applied within industry practice.

This collaboration is exciting for both groups as it gives both parties an opportunity to increase delegate diversity. Delegate diversity is essential in the discussion of global energy and sustainability due to the inherent multidisciplinary nature of such problems. More information about the U of T Sustainability Conference can be found at their Facebook page.

Queen's University
Engineering Commerce Investment Club (ECIC)

The Engineering Commerce Investment Club (ECIC) is a club that aims to provide skills and knowledge pertaining to money management, investing, and business creation. During the conference, they will be providing participants with a stock simulator.

The QGEC stock simulator will provide delegates with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to invest and manage a portfolio. Delegates will be split into groups where they will be given information on market conditions and a variety of stocks from a range of sectors. Each group will start with the same amount of money and will have the ability to invest and buy stocks. Over the course of the weekend, a series of “shocks” will occur which will cause the values of the stocks to either increase or decrease and the money in your group’s portfolio to change. At the end of the weekend, the winning group will receive a prize.

The ECIC meets weekly at SparQ Studios in Carruthers Hall. Weekly meetings include guest speakers, stock pitches and current market discussions. ECIC is an incredibly inclusive environment that welcomes students from every faculty. The multi-disciplinary environment not only provides a variety of perspectives but allows students from a wide range of skill sets to come together and create start-ups.

Further Sponsors

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