The Team

The QGEC Executive Team is made up of Queen’s University students. We are from a variety of programs — engineering, commerce, environmental science, etcetera. The conference is entirely student-run. We will be hiring addition team members in September 2020, so keep an eye out on our social media for details.

2020 – 2021 Executive Team

Shaye De Paiva – Co-Chair

I’m Shaye and I am a 3rd year Mining Engineering student. I chose Mining because I have always had a keen interest and passion for the developing energy sector including oil and gas, nuclear, and battery production. Alongside my involvement with QGEC, I am the Logistics Coordinator for Engineering Frosh Week 2020, and a member of the Varsity Rowing team both as an athlete and as the Fundraising and Alumni Representative for the executive committee.

The past three summers I have been able to gain valuable experience through internships with Tourmaline Oil Corp. and Fluid Intelligence Inc. Tourmaline Oil is Canada’s largest natural gas producer and Fluid Intelligence is small consulting company focused on the treatment and management of water mostly related to the oil and gas industry.

Outside of work and school I enjoy skiing, hiking, cycling, and spending time with family and friends. When I am not enjoying the outdoors I like to either paint or read.

Seamus Jones – Co-Chair

I am one QGEC’s co-Chairs for QGEC 2021, entering my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s. This year will be my third year with QGEC, the past two I have spent working on sponsorship.

Outside of QGEC I am a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Queen’s, as well as having been part of Queen’s Engineering without Borders in the past. Previously, I have worked for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada as an analyst.

In my spare time, I am avid hockey and rugby fan, and enjoy the outdoors in the summer.

Isabelle Wallace – Marketing Director

I’m Isabelle, and I’m a third-year environmental science student. I’m also completing Queen’s Law School’s Undergraduate Certificate in Law. I’m originally from Vancouver.

I’m interested in environmental and energy policy and plan to pursue a masters in global affairs and public policy. I was a delegate at QGEC 2020. I think this is a critical conference for the students to participate in a dialogue that covers all corners of the energy sector.

On campus, I work for Queen’s Residences. I also volunteer as a Crisis Responder with KidsHelpPhone.

Natalie DeHueck – Marketing Coordinator

I’m Natalie and I am in my third year of Environmental Studies.  I’m passionate about the future of the energy sector as it is at the forefront of the climate crisis and the need for sustainable practices. 

As a member of the Queen’s Solar Design Team as well, I’m interested in learning about the everchanging technologies and innovations in the field of energy and renewables.   

In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with friends, and going to the beach in summer months! 

Adam Macpherson – Speakers Director

I am a third-year Electrical Engineering student looking to specialize in power systems. I am interested in the future of energy in Canada and across the world, including renewables and the energy management systems that will allow them to become more widely used. I am looking toward a career in power production, power distribution or energy management.

Outside of school I enjoy playing sports such as rugby and basketball as well as working out and staying healthy.

Iain Kauffman – Speakers Coordinator

Hi my name is Iain Kaufman-O’Keefe and I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineering specializing in mechatronics and energy systems. My role on the QGEC team is as one of the speakers coordinators. I have been attending QGEC since first year, and am looking forward to getting interesting speakers from all areas of the energy industry, especially in cleantech.

I am excited to be returning back to school after spending the last year on internship working in the energy industry. My internship was working for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, where I was able to help develop and implement Canada’s nuclear waste management plan. I love nature and the environment which has led me into the energy industry in order to help fight against climate change. I am passionate about all forms of energy from fossil fuels to renewables and everything in between. In my free time I try to be out as much as possible as I bike, go for hikes and read outside.

Ali Kufaishi – Speakers Coordinator

Hi, I am a third-year chemical engineering student at Queen’s. I am currently specializing in Biochemical Engineering. I am one of our team’s speakers’ coordinators for QGEC 2021. I have recently been granted an internship position at Hatch Ltd in their High Pressure Metallurgy division. 

I love running and getting outside to enjoy nature. I am also interested in emerging alternative energy as a potential solution to environmental concerns.

Sophia Ludovice – Sponsorship Director

I am the Sponsorship Director for QGEC 2021 and a third-year Chemical Engineering student at Queen’s University.

I have interned in the renewable and nuclear energy departments at Hatch Ltd, I am a volunteer member of the AMS Food Bank, and this is my second year as a member of QGEC.

Interested in emerging energy technology and how applied chemistry is used to help power the world sustainably, I am looking forward to learning more about the energy space at QGEC 2021!

Claire Ellison – Sponsorship Coordinator

I am in my second year of civil engineering, and I am looking to develop an environmental focus as I progress through my degree.

I am very interested in sustainable energy practices, as well as how to meet our energy needs as efficiently as possible.

Outside of school, I like to keep active and explore the outdoors.

Elisa Quigora – Sponsorship Coordinator

Hi! My name’s Elisa, and I’ll be going into my third year of electrical engineering.

I’m really passionate about being environmentally conscious in our everyday lives.

I hope to put my passion into my work by pursing a career in the energy sector with a focus on renewable types of energy. In my free time I love going on hikes, reading and watching thrillers!

Simmran Sunner – Sponsorship Coordinator

My name is Simmran and I am a third year Biochemical Engineering student.

QGEC excites me as it poses a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of the energy industry firsthand from professionals. This field is ever evolving and changing, allowing the future of energy to hold exciting innovations. I am specifically interested in chemical applications to help move towards sustainable energy sources. 

Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, playing sports and working out.

Jon Bylyku – Logistics & Finance Director

I am a third year chemical engineering student in the process specialization.

Being from Calgary, Alberta I am passionate about Canadian energy and how it will evolve in the future, particularly energy storage as well as fuel cell technology.

Anya D’Souza – Logistics & Finance Coordinator

Hi, my name is Anya and I am entering my second year in Commerce! I am QGEC’s logistics and finance coordinator for this upcoming year.

Energy has always been fascinating to me as it con changes and evolves in its usage yet we as a society are incredibly dependent on it.

In my spare time I enjoy binging tv shows, reading YA, and going on hikes. Fun fact about me is that I grew up in 3 other countries before moving to Toronto 5 years ago!

Ally Rohlicek – Partnerships Director

My name is Ally and I am a third year in Mechanical Engineering student in the Bio option from Montreal, Quebec. I am passionate about Canadian energy and interested in the impact we can have globally. I am excited to take this opportunity to discover more on the balance necessary within our energy sector.

Along with this role, I’ve had the opportunity to work in the Engineering Society as the Orientation Chair for Orientation Week 2020. In the past I’ve worked as an Administrative Assistant at a Paediatric Clinic and hope to pursue a career in the development of biomechanical technology or in the energy sector.

In my free time I enjoy getting outside and going hiking with friends.

Brandon Chung – First Year Rep & WEB/IT

Hello, my name is Brandon, and I am one of QGEC’s executive team members for QGEC 2021. I am a first year Engineer at Queen’s University.  
The energy industry fascinates me because it’s something that is always evolving and improving. I love how renewable energy is now starting to shape the industry more specifically the innovation behind solar cell technology. 

Outside of QGEC I am a member of Queen’s Space Engineering Team and a First Year Representative for Conference on Industry’s and Resources. I enjoy weightlifting, basketball and learning more about the global markets. 

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