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2022 – 2023 Executive Team

Claire Ellison – Co-Chair

My name is Claire Ellison and I am one of the co-chairs for QGEC 2022. I am entering my fourth year of civil engineering and I am from Halifax, NS.

I became involved with QGEC because of my interest in sustainable energy infrastructure, and am excited about the opportunity to continue working with the rest of the QGEC team to provide a platform for discussion and learning about all sectors of the energy sector.

In addition to QGEC, I am on the Queen’s Varsity Rowing Team and volunteer at a local farm. I love spending time outdoors being active

Henry Bohm – Co-Chair

Audrey Frappier – Speakers Director

Matthew Dolinar – Speakers Coordinator

My name is Matthew Dolinar, and I am a speakers coordinator for QGEC 2023. I am currently in my fourth year of Civil Engineering, and am from Armstrong, BC.

I am very passionate about energy and sustainability, and in particular sustainable energy infrastructure. I am excited to continue to develop my passion for the energy sector throughout QGEC events this year.

Outside of QGEC I am the Team Director of the Queen’s Solar Design Team, working to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing ice hockey and enjoying the outdoors.

Zella James – Speakers Coordinator

My name is Zella James and I am a third-year geological engineering student. I am from Ottawa, Ontario.

I joined QGEC because of my interest in the energy industry and sustainability.  QGEC is an amazing opportunity to cultivate a conversation about the future of energy and learn about the global energy landscape.  

Outside of QGEC, I enjoy rock-climbing, hiking, biking, and spending time in nature. I am also a member of Re-electric, the e-vehicle design team, and love to travel when I’m not in school.

Zach Butler – Speakers Coordinator

I’m Zach and I am a speakers coordinator for QGEC 2023. I am
in my fourth year of electrical engineering and I am from Toronto, ON.

I joined the QGEC executive team to further my knowledge of the energy
sector and learn about the efforts being made to increase sustainability
worldwide. As a member of QGEC I hope to help others gain insight into the future of energy and connect enthusiastic students to leaders of the industry.

Outside of QGEC I am an undergraduate teaching assistant, and love to
play tennis, ski, and watch hockey.

Tommy Pendergast – Sponsorship Director

Seiji Oishi – Sponsorship Coordinator

My name is Seiji Oishi, I’m in my fourth year of engineering physics and currently in the accelerated master’s program researching nuclear fusion.

Being from Calgary originally, the energy sector has been ever-present in my life and I enrolled in engineering to work in renewable energy systems to help shift our supply mix to cleaner sources.

Outside of QGEC, I am a tutor and workshop coordinator for Englinks, a student researcher, and an avid ILC-goer. In my spare time, I like to try new recipes, work out at the ARC, and skiing the Rockies.

Ella Farah – Sponsorship Coordinator

Alex Ventin – Logistics & Finance Director

My name is Alex Ventin and I am the logistics and finance director this year. I am in my second year of civil engineering student and am from Aurora, Ontario. 

I got involved in QGEC at the start of last year because of my interest in sustainability and finding unique ways to solve challenging issues in the Canadian energy sector. I look forward to working with a great team to put on an incredible conference for you guys. We are super excited to be back!

Outside of QGEC, I am on the Queen’s Varsity Triathlon team, a referee for intramurals, the marketing director for QUBE, and a member of QBBT. I love spending time with friends, going for runs, and playing intramurals. 

Jess Stephenson – Logistics & Finance Coordinator

I’m Jess and I’m in my third year of Computer Engineering. I’m from Kingston, Ontario.

I got involved in QGEC as a delegate last year and had the opportunity to learn about a sector that I am not able to everyday in class. The conference also aligns with my interest in emerging sustainable technologies and provides a great opportunity to hear from professionals at the forefront of these innovations.

Outside of QGEC, I’m a technical TA for the first-year engineering design course and compete with the Queen’s Varsity Rowing Team. I work as a summer intern for FluiDesign Composites Inc. doing mechanical engineering working with carbon composite boat manufacturing.

Anna Limoges – Logistics & Finance Coordinator

Nichiket Sunil – Oil and Gas Coordinator

I’m Nichi and I am QGEC’s Oil and Gas Coordinator for 2022-23. I am in my fourth year studying Applied Economics, and I’m from India.

I joined QGEC because it allows for me to pursue my interest in global energy economics. Being a part of QGEC provides me the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team and moreover learn and gain insight from energy experts.

Outside of QGEC, I am a Portfolio Manager for the Queen’s Students Investors Group (QSIG). In my free time, I love to run, cook, and hike.

Jacquie Groenewegen – First Year Representative

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