2019 Conference

The 2019 conference took place on January 18 – 20th in Kingston, Ontario with theme “Sailing Through Changing Tides”. This theme focused on discussing how the energy sector is adapting to changes in the energy industry such as technological changes or the movement towards sustainable resources. 


We had a variety of interesting speakers from various companies such as, IESO, CIBC, McKinsey & Company, RBC, Hatch, CNL, Terrestrial Energy, SunContract, Nexen, TransCanada, and CAC. Thank you to all our speakers who came and inspired our QGEC 2019 delegates to spark their interest moving forward in the energy industry!


A huge thank you to our QGEC 2019 sponsors who helped allow the conference to run! The sponsors for the QGEC 2019 conference are as follows: HydroOne, Queen’s University Engineering & Applied Sciences, and the Princeton Review.

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