Local Vibes

QGEC has worked in collaboration with the Sustainability Office at Queen’s University to run an event for Queen’s Sustainability Week called Local Vibes. Our event focuses on creating a waste free event at Clark Hall Pub with amazing food and great music provided from local food outlets and musicians!


This year at Clark Hall Pub on October 3rd, 2019, QGEC pulled off another successful night of Waste Free fun! We were pleased to welcome four performers this year: Lauren Carson Music, Sean from the Yukon, Mint, and Refreshingly Biblical. These performers did an extraordinary job and QGEC really appreciated their participation in the final night of Sustainability Week 2019!


During Local Vibes for Sustainability Week 2018, QGEC had the pleasure of welcoming three performers at Clark Hall Pub: Sean from the Yukon, SAPPH DECAF, and Local Band. All three groups did an amazing job providing great music for everyone and getting the people up and dancing! A huge thanks goes out to Grocery Basket, a Kingston grocery outlet that provides food from local sources, who was generous enough to sponsor all the delicious food for this event!

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