QGEC 2021

QGEC is very proud to say that our 2021 conference is finished. This was the 6th iteration of QGEC and we had one of our largest turnouts: 100 delegate applications and 70 delegates spanning a number of Canadian universities.

Thanks you very much to our speakers Tom Green, Ron Dizy, Mike Donaldson, Mike Skirzynski, David Short, Andrew Bacchus and Gina Strati for sharing their expertise and taking questions from our delegates.

Thank you to Joe and Josie and the Queen’s Oil and Gas Speaker Series (OGSS) team for putting on an excellent oil & gas panel. Your group was a great addition this year and helped enrich the our conference. Thank you to OGSS panelists Michelle George, Tess O’Hara, Cynthia Hansen, and Simon Paradis.

Thank you to our sponsors: the Dean’s Donation Fund from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and Golder Associates. And thank you to our OGSS sponsors: Enbridge, Shell, and Queen’s ChemEng department.

Thank you to our delegates for your smart questions and comments and for spending your Saturday and Sunday with us. Reach out to us if you are interested in getting involved with QGEC or OGSS.

Lastly, thank you to the QGEC executive team (captured in this shot) for working all year to execute this event. We hope to see everyone back in person one day.

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